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 Organizational Structure

There are 60 employees in the Mineral Powder Factory, including 20 professionals. The Mineral Powder Factory has 2 ultrafine powder production lines, has an annual production capacity of 1,200,000 tons, adopts the latest domestic technology and the full-automatic process control.

The raw materials of the Mineral Powder Factory are the mineral waste residues from the iron works. After being polished and screened out by the vertical grinding mills, these mineral waste residues are produced into the ultrafine powder (the product quality is higher than the technical requirements specified by GB/T 180462008 for the S95 mineral slag powder). These ultrafine powders are the first choice for producing the concrete admixtures.

As the recycling process of the metallurgy, the Mineral Powder Factory reduces the secondary pollution of the mineral waste residues, and produces the environmental and sustainable profile materials; therefore it therefore not only promotes the integrated utilization of resources, protects the natural environment, but also meets the national [10bet十博]Development idea for the circular economy and the policies of the metallurgy industry.